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4) East Stanford

4) East Stanford

After working as a nurse for a few years I had always dreamed of going to CRNA school. I mentioned before that my life had always been geared toward my professional career and my personal life was certainly behind most of my married friends. I didn't mind this at all. Though I always struggled being considered an "older mom" but it is what it is, and I was cool with it. How Shannon and I met is probably an entirely other blog entry, but we took things pretty slow and dated for quite some time while I worked in the ER.

But life is weird... just like I am pictured here this massive commode, you never know what life will shoot out.

However, being single and having a career was one of the most rewarding times in my life and I undoubtedly learned more about myself than I had ever known before. It was a season of growth and self-introspection. I moved from my own apartment to a small house that I poured my heart into. I had purchased a new car and really felt like I was officially "adulting" and actually ENJOYING it. My college days were fading and I was obsessed with working my tail off in this little house.  It was a cottage style bungalow with old wooden floors, details all around, a huge wooden door, fenced backyard, two bedroom 1 bath and a full basement. It was PERFECT. I would have LOVED to buy that house, but the foundation was questionable and my landlord was not interested in selling it lol. That house will always have a special place in my heart. 

There I acquired hobbies. I worked nights and would get up early enough to paint my cabinets, a desk for my spare room or one of my old doors in that house. I just got eaten up by my creative side so much that my nursing friends nicknamed me "Martha Stewart." I was dating my now husband at the time but he lived in Bolivar and myself in Springfield. So, I really only saw him on the weekends or if he would visit me over lunch etc. It was exhausting, but it worked.

Building myself a small, HGTV inspired bungalow home was my passion. It was the reason I picked up a sewing machine with determination and decided I was going to handmake my own throw pillows and curtains (aka -- I'm really cheap). 

This is where my inner craft-diva fired up... and it was ON. 

I'm going to try to not be so wordy now and summarize a little better here... I dated my husband for a year before I even met his two children. We wanted to be sure we would end up staying together as they had already been through a divorce. We were determined to make things right for them as much as possible.  My husband is an AMAZING father. It's things like this that make me love him so very much. He wanted and still does always want best for our kids. went really well... except my now stepson after meeting me for the first time did say, "I thought she was going to be bigger." hahaha

So, I would have the kids over sometimes at my little house in Springfield and we would even do things together WITHOUT Shannon. I was smitten with them and it was a neat dynamic to experience. I was fully determined to be nothing close to an "evil stepmother" and I wanted nothing more than a good relationship with his two kiddos. 

I lived in my house there a few years. Shannon and I eventually got engaged and I had decided I could sew my bridesmaid's and flower girl dresses for our wedding as well. This Martha Stewart was nose-diving straight I had naturally just started sewing things I needed or wanted with no problem. By then I could youtube things and figure them out. Instead of home renovations, they slowly turned into wedding preparations and I worked on things for an entire year there while also working as a nurse on nights in the ER. 


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