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3) What's in my head...

3) What's in my head...

If you were to hear anyone describe me in my personal life it would most likely contain adjectives such as "high-strung, silly, 100% and intense." One thing that my husband says about me that is so strikingly accurate is this, "Madison is 100% in everything she does. She loves at 100%, gets mad at 100% and forgives at 100%. It's full force in all aspects." 

I also march to the beat of my own drum. I always need change, I always need more. I enjoy being challenged and I become complacent quickly. I don't sit still often unless my mind is 100% stimulated. I am genuinely diagnosed with ADD and I am treated for it as well. But I don't find this as a weakness or anything that I am ashamed of by any means. It makes me sad that people are stereotyped or ashamed to admit it. I look at it as a gift. We're all made different, it's just finding strengths in those differences that sets us apart and makes us important. 

I believe that being raised by an unbelievably strong mother mixed with my ADD brain has allowed me to create amazing ideas and put them into action. I am convinced it is one of the many reasons I have been successful in life and in my career. These things tied together have always placed me in unintentional leadership roles. I always find myself improving processes and new methods of doing things - all because I thrive on being progressive. Change and improvement consume and motivate me to no avail. I WANT to make things happen and instead of waiting for it to happen... I just do it. So this how my business journey began and what you're probably more interested in than anything. 

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