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After Shannon and I got married, I no longer needed to try and do the night shift thing. By this time I was working in CVICU/SICU, an intensive care unit specialized for recovering open heart patients (yes, I'm a sicko and love the challenge of critically ill patients --if you haven't noticed). This is another area I absolutely fell in LOVE with.  I learned an ENTIRELY new, deep-seeded knowledge around multiple drips based off of hemodynamics through invasive monitoring etc. 


I absolutely adored the night shift there but I jumped at the opportunity for a day position as soon as it came available. Night shift takes an absolute toll on your body and the commute was getting old. I would find myself dozing off and needing to sleep in Lowes parking lot when I got off in the morning. 



So, I moved to days. I loved it but after a while, that soon was wearing on me as well. Commuting consisted of getting up at 4:00 am to shower, etc. and get there by 6:00 am. It was rough. I've naturally always been a night owl and making myself sleep early enough to get up like that regularly still was exhausting. I did this for about a year until I decided that my energy drink consumption was getting excessive and I disliked driving that far regardless.




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    Baby Finn!!???

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