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I always enjoyed dressing my little man, Finn, up like a dapper dude with a touch of swag. 


The problem was, little boy clothing that wasn't just beyond cheesy or expensive... was REALLY hard to come by. So, what does that necessitate? Take a guess.... Mad Dog back at the sewing machine.

I found that I could make really cute bib-dana's that coordinated outfits, but also served a purpose (heavy drooling/multiple outfit changes). That turned into something people started asking me if they could buy. This had really started before I was even done working, which added to the many reasons as to why I was ready to just stay home and work on things I loved while being with my baby.

Once people know you can sew, they think you can sew ANYTHING. So, I slowly became the person who was asked, "could you sew ______"? I eventually developed an essential oil bag pattern that went absolutely WILDFIRE. I was making 3-4 of them a day. They held 20 bottles, and EO's had just hit the market. It was more than I was prepared for to say the least. 

So, all the while, I was planning on staying home... the next thing I know... I'm on Etsy selling bibs and bags like hotcakes. That's not easy to do as a new mom, with a baby wanting in the middle of everything. 

My mom had been through a lot of ups and downs with her job. She was working for Aflac and having a tough time making it in insurance land. Things were just really moving incredibly slow for her. So, she began to help me with my Etsy orders as she could. These turned into mermaid tails, and baby cardigans and all sorts of crazy things. 

My mom still can't sew to save her life. She once TRULY kept serging a freaking mermaid tail around, and around.....and around (it wasn't even, serging also CUTS fabric), and around and around... and she ended up with a freaking MINNOW tail after asking me for help. It was horrendous. We still laugh about it to this day. However, at the time, we couldn't even get the same minky fabric. It was AWFUL. 

... that woman is still grounded from the serger....

I'm always a bit "over the top" when it comes to my kids. But, my mom was fun like that and always made a really big deal out of our costumes, birthdays etc. and we absolutely loved it. Naturally, she's passed this onto me. So, by the time October arrived. I had decided I was going ALL out for my little dude's 1st Halloween costume. It was 1 month before his first birthday. I had decided to look into cutting machines to help me with some costume details and birthday decor. After a week or so of research, I opted for the Silhouette Cameo. 

I had absolutely NO idea that a machine would literally change my entire life...

Here was my first Silhouette project.... yes, this is paper. Stop laughing... I had no idea vinyl was even a thing. So each friggin' piece on these gauges etc was HAND glued 😂🙈





  • Posted on by Susan Pike

    You’re so talented!! And that was back when you had time to do fun stuff, right???

  • Posted on by Natasha

    This is so beautifully written! I love that you and Jess Sea are giving us glimpses into your lives! <3 I love learning more about both of you inspirational women!!

    P.S. It may be paper; but that plane – AND FINN!! – are too freaking cute!

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