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6) The Transition...

6) The Transition...

I grew up in our small hometown of about 10k people now. I'm talking preschool-12th grade, I've lived here. I never thought I would be back, but life is crazy and unpredictable but here I am. So, as you can imagine, "everyone knows everyone  here." My husband is a med-malpractice defense attorney (no that is NOT how we met, I am not a former client or anything lol) so he naturally knows many administrators in our local hospitals. We're very blessed in this area to have access to really great healthcare and have two VERY large hospitals within 45 minutes. We also have a small community hospital in Bolivar, where we both grew up. Shannon knows the CEOs at nearly all of them. With Bolivar being so small and where we grew up, he had asked Mr. Babb at our local hospital about any jobs I may be interested in town rather than having to commute. They were thrilled and immediately had me talk to the HR director, whom Shannon went to high school with lol. The very day I met with the HR director I was taken to meet the CNO, CCO, and director of Cardiovascular Services. It was overwhelming, but everyone was just ecstatic with my background and experience and I immediately fed on their energy and was thrilled.

I obtained a hybrid position where I would help initiate their STEMI program and provide Critical Care Education for both CV and ICU staff. This was right up my alley. I was going to maintain my skill set and directly help increase the acuity of patients for this little hospital. They had many exciting plans and I was thrilled to get to be directly involved in getting there with them. 

It went really well but was VERY different from working at a large hospital. Things just did not operate the same way and I had mixed emotions about my role in my job and responsibilities. There were many changes in administration above me and I felt I could never keep track of where I was needed or where I was actually making a difference.

I ended up having my first baby a year after Shannon and I were married while I was working there. I took a full 3 months off after having him and going back to work was probably the game changer for me. Finn changed my world COMPLETELY.  

Talk about an emotional rollercoaster... leaving my baby after 3 months of being home with him. My heart was no longer in my career. My heart was home with my baby. I was going to work and crying about it and feeling like he was growing up without me. I made the decision to stay home with him shortly after my return and I have never returned to working for someone else since. 


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