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1) From Sweet Potato Butterin', Med Pushin' to Butter Legging Pushin'

1) From Sweet Potato Butterin', Med Pushin' to Butter Legging Pushin'

Many of you have asked how/where/why/how my business and life on the internet came to fruition. It's one of those things that just seemed to happen and absolutely NONE of it was planned in any true fashion. Looking back, I realize how it came about. But the way in which it developed was very unexpected and unplanned. To give some perspective and paint the historical picture, you must know that I write this alongside my best friend, business partner and other hetero-half, Jessi Marlasca. 

My story begins a bit further back as I was finishing up my degree in nursing school and ending a very dramatic relationship with someone I was sure I was going to marry. Life seemed chaotic but I held on by a thread and managed to graduate from nursing school and begin my career. I obtained a competitive position as a graduate nursing intern in ER/Trauma at a large Tertiary Care Hospital, Cox South. Here is where you can say that I grew my "baby nurse wings" where I ended up starting IV's on 3-day old infants and to placing 14g cathlons and pressure infusing blood into AAA's (dissecting aortic aneurysms). 

I learned more than I can begin to even jot down or explain here, but I gained the confidence and skill set that allowed me to face motherhood later on like a BOSS (i.e. my kids are pretty well in septic shock before we're in the ER) ;) ha!

But I was one person who had always put my career and goals ahead of my personal life. I was failing at relationships. In southwest Missouri, not being married at 24 was not something customers at Lonestar Steakhouse understood. It's as though there was something "wrong" with me for not being married and having babies yet. You'd think my fertile window was running up or something when customers asked me about my personal life.

It always went something like this:

Customer: Honey are you going to school here in town?

Me: Yes, mam I am. 

Cust: Oh that's lovely...what for?

Me: I'm in nursing school.

Cust: Oh that's great. Are you married too, honey? How about kids? Do have any kids?

Me: No mam, not yet. I.....***** GASP*****

****Toby Keith song stops.****

***total silence***

****entire restaurant glares with total shock and awe**** 


(next) - I get it from my momma


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