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2) I get it from my Momma'

2) I get it from my Momma'

I was raised by one of the most unbelievably strong women you've ever met in your life. The kind of person that everyone wants to be around. The kind who can make you bust out laughing just through their facial expressions. But, this person of mine---  who has risen above and endured more trauma, pain, and obstacles than any ordinary person could possibly fathom is who really raised me, she is who has made me who I am. I was raised by my hero, my momma... Vicki. 


I touch on this now because I think it's important that people know and understand how determination and will can be instilled. If you watch someone with an open mind and show your kids directly what good morals and ethics are - you CAN impact them and make a difference.  They see that hard work DOES ultimately pay off even when you don't see it instantly. Without making this some huge huge novel, I will tell you --- I am the unashamed product of a man who is not someone I even consider a father. His mind is that of a child. But I am the daughter of a Queen... a Queen who's taught me so much without ever once realizing she was teaching me anything at all... 


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