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Why You Need to Wear Accessories

Why You Need to Wear Accessories

We know accessories catch our eye at the checkout counter, or on a rack with huge signs that read buy 3 get 2 50% off. But, why on earth do we need them and how in the world are they going to make a difference in your outfit? Let me tell you, you should never underestimate the power of accessories. Your accessories with completely and totally define your style. Let me repeat that, YOUR ACCESSORIES DEFINE YOUR STYLE.

Have you ever heard people mention how things can be dressed up or down? What do you think that means? It means they did ‘something’ with that very piece of clothing and altered the overall look of it. It wasn't in the clothing itself, but the accessories and "add-ons" they paired to change the overall feel of the outfit. It gives a "look" and as mentioned, it defines the style your aiming for.  Yes, the clothing may physically take up more room in your closet, but accessories are the details that complete each look. No outfit is complete with or without also considering the accessories.

A cute clutch, necklace or bracelet doesn’t seem like much if you look at them alone. When paired incorrectly or in a non-flattering way, they’re noticeably tacky. But, when combined with the right pieces, they become the “icing on the cake” to achieve your desired look or feel. 

Here's a good example of how ONE single outfit is transformed, simply with the use of accessories. Things that are FANTASTIC and easily dressed up or down are everyone's favorite, leggings


(insert non-accessory/dressed down picture)


(insert accessory/dressed up picture) 

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