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Leggings Outfit | Charcoal Leggings | VAHL
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Leggings Outfit - Camel Boots | VAHLCamel Sandals for Leggings Outfit | VAHLLeggings Outfit - Camel Riding Boots | VAHL 

Charcoal leggings pair so well with various prints. The first thing you need to be certain of is that the length of your top is long enough to cover your lady-bits! Charcoal leggings are one of our favorites because they change up the traditional look of plain, black leggings.

For a unique twist, try one of our favorite style secrets. Pair dark charcoal grey leggings with camel-colored footwear. Anything from boots, flats or sandals. Then tie in a pop of color with a camel colored handbag. Finish this look off with a minimalist, elegant choker and will look stunning and comfortable for nearly any occasion. 




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Leggings Outfit - Flowy Purple Tunic




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